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Scallop(black and white)

Scallop(black and white)

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Shell-like chest design.

A design that can be worn cool in monochrome.
Black mesh, V-cut on the back and mesh with sharp lines.
The bottom part is also black, so you don't have to worry about the underwear being transparent.

A special fabric that is smooth and very soft and dries quickly even if you sweat.
As I devise the details so that there is not a feeling of clamping at all,
It feels like you are dancing on your bare skin.

It is sold with a bra pocket and a bra pad that are popular with adult Lina.

* The XS size leotard is a size that can be worn by elementary school students to middle and high school students.Please compare the size chart with your leotard before purchasing.

Height cm/bust/hip
XS (No. 5) 145~150 / 77 / 78~85
S (size 7) 150~160 / 80 / 82~90
M (No. 9) 155~168 / 83 / 87~95
L (size 11) 165~175 / 86 / 92~100

・Polyester: 85%
・Polyurethane: 15%
[Mesh part]
・Polyester: 95%
・Polyurethane: 5%
·100% polyester%

made in Japan

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