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Shipping policy

  1. Redelivery of packages after delivery, of delivery storage period, etc. For procedures to the sales office in the delivery area Please contact us by yourself. (both domestic and overseas)
  2. We will purchase if the purchaser neglects or refuses to receive the item, if the item cannot be received due to a long absence, if the delivery address is unknown, or if the item cannot be received due to the purchaser's convenience. By contacting the contact information registered by the person and bringing or delivering the goods to the delivery address specified at the time of purchasing the goods, the delivery obligation of the goods shall be fulfilled and the liability shall be exempted.
  3. Please note that if the product is returned to us for the above reasons and you wish to redeliver it, you will be charged for the re-delivery.
  4. In the case of overseas delivery, customs duties may be applied depending on the price of the product.We cannot take any responsibility, so please receive the product after payment when you receive the book.
  5. Refunds cannot be made if the delivery is refused at the destination, domestically or internationally.
  6. The shipping fee varies depending on the product purchased and the delivery area, so please check the shipping fee displayed at the time of payment before purchasing.
  7. Shipping fee (Domestic ¥360~) (World Shipping ¥1500~) Depends on the price at the time of purchase.Larger items will incur additional shipping charges.