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Camiiiu Ballet Leg Wamers (Oatmeal Grey)

Camiiiu Ballet Leg Wamers (Oatmeal Grey)

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Camiiu original leg warmers are born♡

The phantom leg warmers that sold only a small amount when they were just founded and sold out among the teachers they knew!

It is a beautiful line considering the beautiful leg effect of the dancer while maintaining the heat retention function by powering up the shape and fabric.

A feeling of hem that spreads to a little flare. Since the rubber is put on both the top and bottom, I finished it in a type that I do not mind the fluttering feeling of the hem so that I can keep wearing it not only during warm-up but also during the lesson. Because it contains rubber, it can also be used as a supporter by turning over to the knee as a work to prevent pain and bruise such as work with floor work.

If you like the hem spread, you can also use the line where you can feel the leg length effect when you pull out the rubber below.

This oatmeal gray fabric is different from the other three colors, and it is a ribless type that is thinner than the other three.

Long type length 65cm

One size flat size width (top 17cm/bottom 15cm)

Fabric Polyester 70% Cotton 25% Spandex 5%

made in foreign countries

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どれも綺麗な色でネーミングがステキでうっとりしてしまいます。 足が長く見えるし、たまに膝が痛い私にはサポーター効果も嬉しいです。 合わせやすそうなオートミールを買いましたが、レオタードに合わせて他の色も買いたいと思います。