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Reversible Lace Skirt (Salmon Beige)

Reversible Lace Skirt (Salmon Beige)

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Reversible lace skirt (salmon beige)

Thin purple lace and pale salmon beige mesh on both sides for a classy adult color.

Whether it's the lace side or the plain mesh side, you can coordinate it according to your mood and the leotard you have, such as beige one-tone coordination with pink tights.
Perfect for daily lessons and rehearsals!

She looks mature and can be coordinated with her character for rehearsals and other occasions♡

Choose from two different colors to suit your mood and your leotard, whether it's the lace side or the plain mesh side♪

We carefully selected the softness and lightness of the fabric, and made it again and again to create beautiful lines.All colors are original! !

*There are no plans to resell it because it will not be dyed in the same color.
It will end as soon as it is sold out.

The designer's original skirt is a must-have product♡

Please choose the size below by referring to the skirt you have laying flat.
*It will be a size that stays slightly below the waist.
If you want to wear it with a narrow waist, please try down a size.

Height cm / Hips / Flat waist / Skirt length front/back
XS  145~150cm /  78~85 / 31 / 35 46
S  150~160 cm/ 82~90 / 32 / 36 47
M  155~168 cm/  87~95 / 33 / 3748
L  165~175 cm/ 92~100 / 34/ 38 49

80% nylon, 20% spandex

made in foreign countries

Since it is a reversible type, please remove the tag on the waist before using.

*Be sure to check the "Please Read Before Purchasing" section at the top of the product column for advice on size and before purchasing.

*For size inquiries, please contact us by e-mail other than mobile phone.(Please enter the product name, three sizes, height, weight, and other brand sizes for your inquiry.)

*The lace part is very delicate, so please be careful not to pull the lace itself.

*Since it is a very delicate fabric, please wash it by hand or put it in a net.

*If it is wet after a lesson or after washing, the color will easily transfer, so please put it in a separate bag.We recommend cleaning and drying as soon as possible.Please avoid the dryer.

Thank you for your understanding.

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